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Lewiston Police Department

 4059 Creek Rd.

Lewiston, NY 14092 (Youngstown mailing 14174)

Phone: 716-754-8477

Fax: 716-754-2968


Chief: Christopher Salada
Sergeant: Frank Previte
Justice Clerk:   Katelyn Allan
 Listed below are several programs that the Lewiston Police Department offers for its  residents.

RUOK Program

In order to watch over some of our seniors that live alone, The Lewiston Police Department uses a program called RUOK. It is a program that does exactly what the name implies, it checks to see if you are "ok".

LPD started to use this program in the early 1990's and today uses an extremely updated version. A computer completely dedicated to this program calls the elderly at a specified time, chosen by them. When they answer the phone a friendly recorded message plays and they can simply hang up. If they do not pick up, they are called again in 15 minutes. If for whatever reason they still fail to pick up, an "alert" flashes on the computer and all pertinent information is printed out. At this point a contact person, relative or neighbor is called to go over and check on the person. If a contact person is unable to be contacted a patrol will be sent immediately to check the welfare of the person.

Over the years this has proven to be a very successful program and has saved a few lives. LPD encourages anyone in the area that feels they need or knows someone who needs this service, to contact the department at (716) 754-8477.



Lewiston Police debuts pharmaceutical drop-off box

by jmaloni


Fri, Nov 1st 2013 08:45 pm

The Lewiston Police Department recently received a pharmaceutical drop-off box from the Niagara County Refuse Department. LPD Chief Chris Salada reports area residents can now visit the Lewiston Police Department at 4059 Creek Road between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and leave their unwanted medications.

"This is a great initiative for a couple of very important reasons," Salada said. "Allowing residents a simple and anonymous way to dispose of their medications will result in less poisons being flushed down the toilet, therefore helping the environment. It also removes medications from residences, eliminating the temptation of drug seekers and hopefully keeping it off the street."

The LPD drop-off location is the second of three drop-off boxes in Niagara County. The Niagara County Sheriff's Office provides a drop-off box just inside the jail entrance, and Niagara Falls Police Department is slated to have their box in service soon.

Salada, pictured, noted the service is for the residents only and not for doctors' offices, veterinarians or pharmacies. Acceptable items include controlled substances, outdated medications, unwanted medications, over-the-counter medications or any pharmaceutical waste that is no longer desired/wanted or is expired. Needles/sharps or mercury-containing devices will not be accepted.

"Residents can come into our office, drop off their unwanted medications without any questions or paperwork to be filled out," Salada said. "These medications are ultimately secured and transported by law enforcement to Covanta in Niagara Falls, where all contents are incinerated."

Any questions about the program can be addressed by calling the LPD at 716-754-8477.