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Fitness Center/Weight Room

Ages 16 and up

 Monday-Thursday 3:30-8pm, Friday 3:30-7pm and Saturday 9am-2pm

Two rooms of weight equipment for those wishing to tone or build muscles. We also have 3 treadmills for the public to use. Free. (Under 18 need parental permission).

Red Brick Weight Room Rules/Regulations

  1. Youth under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by a parent when in the weight room.
  2. Youth ages 16 and 17 must have an agreement of indemnity signed by a parent in the company of recreation staff member to participate in the Red Brick weight room.
  3. Participants are not allowed in the weight room without a recreation staff member on duty.
  4. No, book bags, fanny packs, jackets, etc. should be left lying on the floor. The Recreation nor its employees are responsible for lost or stolen property.
  5. Spotters are required for all over head lifts.
  6. No food, drinks, or chewing gum are allowed in the weight room. Exception is bottled water in an unbreakable container.
  7. Only personal stereos with headphones are acceptable.
  8. CD player is to be used by Recreation staff only.
  9. All bars, weights and dumbbells must be returned to the proper plate holder or rack after use.
  10. No equipment shall leave the weight room at any time.
  11. Belt use is recommended when attempting heavy lifts.
  12. Collars are mandatory at all times on Olympic and curl bars.
  13. Slamming or dropping weight stacks or free weights is prohibited.
  14. Closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn at all times (no metal buckles or latches allowed).
  15. The use of chalk is prohibited.
  16. Items that may damage the equipment upholstery may not be worn while using these machines (i.e. jewelry, jeans, etc.).
  17. Respect for equipment, facilities and staff must be demonstrated at all times.
  18. Medical check-up and approval by personal physician before participation in any physical activity is highly recommended especially for men over 40, women over 50, and persons with any potentially limiting physical condition (pregnancy, back or heart problems, diabetes, etc.).

Participants Exercise at Their Own Risk
We strongly recommend that all individuals consult a physician before beginning any physical activity.

Failure to adhere to any policies may result in loss of privileges.