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SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 2014




The undersigned person does lease and rent from the Village of Lewiston Recreation Dept. on 145 N. 4th St., Lewiston a 10" by 10" space to sell items on Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014 beginning at 7 AM for the sum of $12 payable with the return of this contract   (Payment after Sept. 7th will be $15 per space).  No refunds will be granted after August 15, 2014.

Seller agrees to arrive before 9 AM and complete preparations for sale by 9 AM (Sat.) and to pay all expenses connected with the exhibit.  Seller agrees to remove all items from the site before 7PM on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014.  Each seller is responsible for cleanup around their space.  Please crush all cardboard and put other garbage in a plastic bag and put at the appropriate place.

Seller agrees to be solely responsible for his or her actions as a result of this contract and all acts or omissions of his or her agents, employees, or assigns and does release the Village of Lewiston and its Recreation Dept. from any or all claims or damages to seller’s actions whatsoever during the occupancy of this premises.  Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Village of Lewiston and its Recreation Dept. from any and all claims or damages resulting from Seller’s rental.

Seller will provide their own setups and know that no tables are provided.  As this is a family-oriented event, no obscene items or weapons ( knives, guns, slingshots, etc.) are allowed.   The Village of Lewiston Rec. Dept. reserves the right to ask you to remove items from your table that are inappropriate for the event.

The Village of Lewiston Recreation Dept. shall have the right to accept or reject any application for space.  If the seller violates any provision of this agreement, the Village of Lewiston Recreation Dept. may, if it so elects, declare this lease void and terminated and immediately take possession of leased premises.

Items and tents left overnight are left at owner’s risk.

Please make check payable to:  Village of Lewiston Recreation, and mail this complete contract  and fee to : Village of Lewiston Recreation,

145 N. 4th St.,
PO Box 325,
Lewiston, NY 14092



SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 2014


NO. OF SITES WANTED: ___________

 AMOUNT ENCLOSED: _______________ ($12 PER SITE)

NAME:_______________________________ TYPE OF ITEMS SOLD:___________________



TOWN, STATE & ZIP:___________________ PHONE:________________________________

SIGNATURE:_____________________________  DATE:_____________